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5 Tips to Take Better Photos with your Smartphone! 📷

Now we all know that lighting is the key for any good photo but I won't bore you with that let's discuss how you can improve dark photos or photos taken in low light this app called perfectly here is the best-paid0 app I have ever seen yep it's speed unfortunately but worth every penny of yours you can clean any kind of noise from your photos or even lighten up the dark or low-light photos just don't overdo it will look very much overexposed 

Use of Raw Photos

My first tip for taking better photos with the phone is to shoot it raw standalone cameras have been able to do this for quite a while now and it's good to see that the feature is now available on our phones well not all phones have the option for raw image capture but if your phone supports it be sure to turn it on so whenever you take photos with the phone it's saved as a JPEG file while doing so the image is compressed and it is processed automatically which essentially results to a lower quality image and with unnatural color processing so if you want the full untouched and unprocessed image raw is the way to go so when you're done taking photos in garage just copy it to your computer and start processing it using Photoshop or pretty much any other image processing software
 you'll get the option to adjust the exposure highlights contrast vibrancy and split toning and all these settings they might confuse you but you don't need to be a pro for this just try things out are just things here and there.

External Lenses

you'll eventually get along with it you can use these external lenses you can choose between telephoto fisheye macro wide-angle lenses etc I'm having a macro lens over here these external lenses are very cheap and can up your photographic game up a notch it might help you get a better zoom or whatever reason you're looking at for.

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Manual Camera App

so the next thing you can do to produce better images is to use a manual camera app when we take photos with our default camera app we usually shoot in auto mode but if you want to step things up a bit and want images to look exactly the way you want I would advise you to start using camera apps that have manual controls when you should in auto mode your phone configures the camera settings on its own which works well most of the time but isn't always ideal some phones today do have manual functions built into their default camera app but if your phone doesn't have them don't worry there are tons of third-party apps that can do so the app.

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I have here is camera fb5 which packs in a lot of manual controls you have things like shutter speed control exposure control flash modes ISO control focus mode and a lot more which are simply not available on most of our default camera apps I could explain all the features one by one but that would take a lot of time it's in your hands to try things out here and there or maybe just learn from online tutorials things may look complicated at first but once you start using it regularly you start understanding how the settings work and how they're linked to each other so not only will this allow you to take better photos but will also serve as means of practice before you jump into the whole DSLR bandwagon lastly 

Color burn Look

this is just a small 1/2 you can use to get that color burn to look on your photos just take your lighter and that's where you can take natural color burned photos and that's pretty much it hope you like this video so thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel if this video helped and also subscribe to cut the BS Channel let's see if we can get sixty likes for this video what I get in touch with me then Instagram is the place go follow me over there and I will catch you in the next one it is an hasta la vista

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