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Composition of photography - Tutorial

In today’s blog post, I am going to share my experiences and knowledge about the composition of photography. Actually, there are no set rules or guidelines when you are dealing with the composition of photography you just have to see the things in the frame more sensitively and be aware of the effect of the composition. Make sure that whatever you look at through your lens should be utilized and packed harmoniously in one frame to portray the subject in the strongest way possible. You have to take care of a few things in composition for enhanced, natural and seamless photography.


Actually everywhere you will see specific patterns, nature has its pattern, buildings have their patterns, cities have their patterns and the background you chose for photography is always studded with some kind of pattern. Make sure that you highlight these patterns to capture the best shots having the best composition.

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You must understand symmetry in Photography and you need to decide where or not you will use it in your image.  The rule of thirds says we should put the image we are trying to capture off to the side but sometimes we do want the image right out front.  If you’re not sure try taking the shot with the image off to the side and try the same shot with the image in the center.


Understand that the images you are capturing are always two-dimensional but when you are playing with the texture of the shot you almost make the pictures come alive and they seem to provide a three-dimensional view. When you have a fair understanding of the light then you will automatically understand the importance of texture in composition.

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The depth of Field: 

The depth of field is something that has a huge impact on the complete appearance and composition of the captured image. You have to use the depth of field effectively because it has immense potential to isolate the subject from foreground as well as from the background. On the other hand, by using shallow depth you can click the same subject in context only to reveal its surroundings.

The Rule of Thirds:

Whenever it comes to photography one of the finest elements and the most common rules in the composition is “The Rule of Thirds”. It is nothing but placing your subject within the frame. Imagine your picture space and divide it into thirds by imagining two vertical and two horizontal lines just like a tic tac toe grid. Under this rule, you have to place your subject or align the frame in such a manner that that subject appears within one of those points where lines cross. This will give you a fair idea of the subject keeping the subject in one-third of the picture either from the top, bottom or from the sides.

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However, not by any means, it is necessary that your subject is off to the side sometimes your image should be in the middle of the frame or picture space. Rule of Thirds explain you have to pace the interesting elements in the frame at the point of intersection or along the lines then the image will be more balanced and creates a quick relationship with the viewer and the photograph.

Always understand viewers have a tendency to concentrate most of their attention at one of the points of intersections and not to the center of the shot. For a better understanding of the rule of thirds, you should have clear-cut ideas about the interesting elements in the shot and purpose, and you need to intentionally place those elements in your frame.

Actually, you will be amazed to see the results and dramatic effect when you actually break the Rule of Thirds or stretch it according to your imagination. However, to break the rule you have to master it first and in Photography 101 I will bring more of these types of tips and helpful hints that will help you grow and mature as a photographer.

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