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How to Shoot Light Trails Photo using your Smartphone!

I eventually wanted to write this article for DSLR cameras but then I thought that if I made this video for your smartphones instead of the camera then you people might appreciate more. So here’s it! In this video I’ll show you how you can take those long exposure photos which have seen. I am 200% sure that you have seen that kind of images on the Internet it’s full of them it's completely full of them so this one is the most common one which is the light trail of the cars moving by so what do you basically do is increase the shutter speed to about maybe if 5 secs/10 secs/15 secs whatever so


 I'll teach you how you can do that for doing that you need a camera app which has manual mode, for example, I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 so it has a manual mode which is called the pro Mod by default but still I preferred to use Camera FV-5 there’s one app like that so I'll leave the link of it in the description and by the way if you're using an iPhone then I will be listing one app for the iPhone in the description as well so you can check them out so you can do this for both Android and iPhone if this article helps then please subscribe to our newsletters for more article like this and if you have any blog suggestions or just want to get in touch with me then you can contact me on through the contact us page.

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No Shake

I have to tell you one thing that you need a tripod to shoot this because you can't afford to shake your camera so preferably take a tripod or a gorillapod or something, just you can't touch it so you don't disturb it after you hit the shutter button so keep that in mind. Moreover I won’t suggest that even just take a headphone and connect with your smartphone and you can use the volume down key to take pictures so and if you're using a phone that doesn't have a headphone jack then up to you. You can just use your headphone jack so that you don't shake your camera so you can just place your camera on the tripod. 
And you can just touch that thing, volume down button and it will take the photo for you 

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Manual Camera

so what you basically do is open any camera app which has manual control so firstly reduce the ISO to 100 if ISO 50 is available to you then use that else use ISO 100 and now go to the shutter speed so you have to find out for the app you’re using. If you’re using camera FV 5 then go to the left-hand panel and just click on S mode then that will bring up the shutter speed options so change the shutter speed to around maybe 5 secs or 10 secs something like that if you want to take even longer trails of the light then you can change it to about 30 seconds/50 seconds we just need to click a photo and then wait for your phone to process the image and after that you will have the results you wanted

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Wrapping Up

It won't look as good as that of a DSLR but still you can do it with your phone 1 problem you might face is that it might get overexposed Many a times so you can fix that in post but I suggest you not to do anything like that so try and avoid to get overexposed images if you're using a very slow shutter speed like 1 minute or 30 seconds the chances are that you might get overexposed images just like me so basically what you can do is just change the shutter speed to around 10/15 seconds so that's enough more than enough rather so you can check that out and you can just try out which works on which doesn't even after doing all these if you still have an overexposed photo then you can do one thing if you can open any photo editor and just decrease the exposure and this thing might just work out for you. 

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