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Installing Custom ROM and Google Camera on Xiaomi Redmi 4

Today I have the Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime with me and I'm going to install a custom ROM in it and I will install the portrait mode, Google portrait mode. so let's get it started. so first of all just let me show your device should be running on MIUI as you can see MIUI global 9.2 This phone is running the latest version.


Now for installing a custom ROM in your device you will need mainly two things you need to have an unlocked bootloader and you will need to have a TWRP installed on your device and for doing this process you don't need any PC or you don't need to root your device. so let's get it started. so first of all just go to the settings of your device and then you go to about phone and tap on MIUI seven times here it is saying no need, you are already a developer after tapping it seven times it will show that you are already a developer and then just go to additional settings and here you will find the developer option and tap on here and then you need to enable oem unlocking as you can see i already enabled it and if your MIUI status is unlocked then it will show this device is unlocked so if you don't know how can you do it then i will provide a link on the I button don't forget to check that out okay.

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Enabling USB Debugging

then you need to enable USB debugging okay then you have to press ok and then you need to have TWRP installed on your device I will provide a link on the I button below so check that out so then just turn off your device just press the power off 

Twrp Recovery

after turning off your device then press the power button and volume up key at the same time keep pressing it until you see that your device is in recovery okay it should directly show you the TWRP recovery and if you did not then just press on here and it will translate the language and press on recovery and then press ok and this should boot your device to the twrp recovery that you installed earlier as you can see we are now in TWRP recovery you have to do is you have to backup everything 

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I already backed it up and then you have to go to wipe and then swipe to factory reset okay then it back and then press install and here you have to find the rom that you have downloaded as you can see rr. I have downloaded the rom and then you have to download also open Google Apps open gapps. here I already downloaded it and I will put the link in the description below so don't forget to check that out and then also you need to have the you need to have the lazy flasher zip file ok first then just install the rom that you have downloaded and here as the example Lineage OS . Once you flashed everything it will  say done. you just press reboot and then we have to install the google apps just tap on the google apps apk file and swipe confirm After installing Google Apps then you have to flash the lazyflasher zip file as well.

so after flashing everything press reboot and then select system and now it should boot you to your system just wait for a bit. ok now it's normal setup just let me set up my device and I will be back. After setting up everything ,then you need to go to file manager, allowing everything. Just go to your internal storage find the apk that i will provide the link in the description below and it will say Camera NX. Just install it then press open. allow everything and here you can see portrait mode. okay, 

Wrapping Up

I will provide some photos as sample and just check that out so as you can see here is the portrait mode and you 
can also use the HDR+ but in this apk file there is some problem like you can use the portrait mode with the back camera with your back camera but not with your front cam so you you have to keep that in mind if you want to try the portrait mode with your front camera that apk will crash that's it guys hope you enjoyed this video if you do then in the like button if you face any problem then let me know that in the comment below and if you want to see more videos like that then please hit the subscribe button it will inspire me a lot so see you in the next video thanks for watching.

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