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Link Building Tips To Help You Get The Edge On Your Competition

Link Building is one of the most time consuming activities that we all must do in order to get our blog and different posts ranking well in Google. So I thought I would provide the ultimate link building list for you. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can keep coming back to use this at the ultimate link building for blogs resource. You will be outranking your opponents in no time at all.

Link Building Tips for Blogs

Quality Content

Nothing can reproduce what quality content can. If you are creating great content and resources for people then they will naturally want to link to your blog. Natural backlinks will always be the best backlinks possible. So always think about your posts and always, always, always go above and beyond what you thought you were going to write or give them to them. Always try to impress. Make people have to link to you.

Blog Directories

Submit your blog to as many blog directories as you can. It is even better when you find ones the are relevant to your niche. Like maybe an SEO Blog Directory if your blog is SEO related. Once you have done that you can also go through and submit your blog to regular web directories as well. While relevant links will always carry 100 times more weight than regular backlinks, regular backlinks will not hurt. So submit to some high PR regular directories as well.

Article Submissions

Is a really great way to build backlinks. It can take some time to write articles, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Find a list of the highest PR Article sites and focus on those. You can expect about 2 links per article. I try to never go over the 2 link rule. However, I have heard of some people going with 3 as an average. You may also get some traffic from these in the long run. Even if you don’t though, you are building great high quality backlinks that you are going to need in order to build the PR of your site and to also help you rank in Google.

Social Bookmarking

Share your blog and posts as often as you can on Social Bookmarking sites for others to see. Make sure you find the most popular ones to focus on. When you do this you also greatly improve your chance of getting highly targeted traffic to your blog on top of the backlinks that are being built. It is always nice to kill two birds with one stone. If you ever create one on here that gets very popular then you could be in store for hundreds or even thousands of backlinks all at once because many blogs and websites could start to link to it.

Social Media 

Building a presence on Social Media sites should be something you are doing already. However, if you are not then you might want to start. You should have it setup so that every time you make a new blog post it automatically adds it to your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages. This is very important because with the new updates Google has rolled out it has made social media sharing 100 times more important than before. Thousands of tweets from different people alone have shown to sky rocket blog posts to the top of search engine rankings. Plus, these are also high quality and high PR backlinks that will be there forever.

Exchange Backlinks with Bloggers 

This can be a very effective way of getting some highly relevant backlinks if you make sure to keep within your niche. If you do this in moderation and never do more than 10-20 on your blogroll then you will be okay. Google has caught many people and hurt their rankings because they were doing 40-50+. Keep the number low and the value of the links will be much greater.

Topical Page 

These are sites like Squidoo and Hubpages. These are one of the best resources for backlinks because they are two of the highest authority backlinks you can have once they are built up. The higher they rank and the more traffic they have, the more value the link on that page to yours will be. There are many people who are making and hundreds and even thousands just from Squidoo Lens’ alone. These could also potentially be a great resource of traffic directly to your blog, so when you are creating these make sure you are making them very relevant and make sure they are professional. How it looks will say a lot about your blog.

Free Blogs 

You can create a few free blogs and create some content that is relevant to your website. You can get free blogs from wordpress, blogger, etc. There are many of them. Make sure to post relevant content through this free blog on a regular basis. Add some pictures, link to other bigger websites so its not all just to yours, and then sprinkle in a link or two every now and then to your main blog. If you do this right you could have a good little source of backlinks. 

Guests Posting

Is one of the most popular and most effective way to build high quality back links to your blog. This works really well when you choose to guest post for a blog that is within your niche. When you do this and link back to your blog from the post you are creating one of the most relevant links possible. Many times you can get anywhere from 2-3 links from one guest post. Be sure not to spam your link though. Maybe even just go with 1-2 links. Another reason why this is so popular is because if you are doing this in a related niche then that means you are also going to highly targeted traffic to your blog from this. If they are interested in that website, then more than likely they will be just as interested in yours. 

Blog Commenting 

This is also really great for adding some back links quickly. You must also make sure that this is niche related and relevant as well. Make sure not to spam these blogs. If you are going to leave a link to your website then you better be leaving a great comment. Make it useful. This is a good time to show your expertise. If you are helpful and informative to the others you may even get some click throughs to your website on top of the awesome back link. You are building your brand here when people see your comment, so always remember that.

RSS Feeds

This is a really great way to get a bunch of backlinks for doing nothing at all except for posting content. Submit your RSS Feed to different and preferably high PR RSS Feed sites and every time you make a new post on your blog that will be added on there site with a link to it. Pretty awesome, right?

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