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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How to Protect From Negative SEO

Internet marketing strategy is widely used all over the world. For better improvements in business SEO is important to be visible in search engines. If your website is visible means more people can find you. More people mean number traffic, hence increasing business.

Why SEO?

Google has put some terms and guidelines for SEO tactics. If anything is done outside the guideline techniques your company will be penalized and could be wiped of entirely from internet specifically Google. Every website owner wants to gain more business and they can achieve certain things. In order to achieve more popularity the owners sometimes do certain bad things which are bad or,negative SEO tactics. Use of poor tactics such as building low quality back links, and search engine spamming can mislead traffic resulting sales dry up. Basically negative SEO refers to the black hat technique for a sabotage ranking in search engine but it does not end up well.

Consequences of negative SEO

Sometimes even it affects to some companies without using any black hat technique. SEO farms and their clients get affected because of the competitors. This is done by building as many low quality backlinks to the competitors’ website. When Google notifies this you are the culprit and you have to pay penalty. One cannot even trace such an activity. Building poor backlinks mean a false representation form of libel. So when people reach you with the wrong information it infects entire sales system and less business. Some threats of these pessimistic techniques are website hacking, spam link building to your website, content copying and distribution of it, targeting some bad keywords, creating fake profiles, and the good backlinks removing is all bad news for you. Removing the bad backlinks is even harder than ever.

Tools to revoke negative SEO

The first step is to identify the Negative SEO. There are some tools using which you can detect them. Google web master tool is the best among all and available to you in free of cost. You can find a large amount of links comes to your website through a single domain. Some forums from irrelevant spammed sites are also examples of the attack. So to detect them first get rid of the poor links. You will have to contact each owner of the spam websites and ask them to remove them. Sometimes they even charge you money. Then using Google web master tool you can clarify Google that you do not want the links. If you could not remove by contacting the website owners this is the process. The last thing is to change your domain. You have to launch your business again on a new domain name. It cancels all your bad reputation and gives you a fresh start to run business. Focusing on high quality links is the best and safest. Also you can hire a SEOCompany to protect your website from negative SEO.

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